We are proud to announce the publication of our first album recorded live at Ragged Moon recording studios.

The Raga Babas- Cover       Raga-Babas-CD-onbody

‘an amazing fusion of Ancient Mantras with contemporary sound’

We’ve squeezed 4 full length tracks on to one fantastic recording,  snippets of each can be heared on our SoundCloud page |

The CD is available for £10 at all our live events and every Saturday morning at Stroud’s award winning Farmers Market from Girish’s samosa stall (where you can also get delicious vegan chai)

Alternatively if you are unable to collect a CD in person and would like a copy posted please contact Girish


Govinda Jai Jai live at Ragged Moon recording studios

The Raga Babas

Live at Ragged Moon



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