Debut Album

The Raga Babas debut album is complete and sounds fantastic.

The new C.D was expertly recorded and produced by the wonderful Ragged Moon studios based in Stroud. Using some of the finest recording equipment in the biz, the album captures the full spirit of the groups energetic live performances with the excellent clarity and sound quality of the studios first class rig.

Both relaxing and exhilarating to listen to, the kind of album you can put on and dance around the living room or just sit back, enjoy and let the music wash over.

The new album will be available to purchase for £10 at our live shows and eventually from this website.


Recording at Ragged Moon

Thanks to the wonderful Ragged Moon recording studios in Stroud, the Raga Babas are now part way to releasing a new album.  We all had a fantastic time getting mic’d up and laying down some groovy tracks with the help of Niks our sound engineer (and Girish’s son)   Copies the new C.D will be available to purchase at the Sacred Music Festival on the 4th July.


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